_____________, taking notice of the significant evolution that ultralight aircraft have been achieving in Europe (and also in USA with LSA Light Sport Aviation), would like to express what considers to be the correct evolution in ultralight aircraft regulations in Europe, which must be based in innovative vectors that allow the continuation of the prominent evolution of this type of aviation.

The under signer of this petition considers that the discussions that are taking place regarding these matters must allow the definition of a safer and economic ultralight aircraft, all without step a siding the most recent and advanced technologies now appearing in this sector, in what constitutes a lack of technical aviation evolution in the American LSA with its current limitations.

Therefore, the under signer expresses before you some changes in ultralight aircraft regulations that considers vital to be implemented:

- Prevision of a maximum takeoff weight of 600 kilograms, excluding emergency ballistic parachutes;

- Maintaining the philosophy of no restrictions in these aircraft to aspects like maximum cruise speed, constant speed propeller or retractable landing gear;

- Capacity of the ultralight pilot license holder to operate with the ratings of retractable landing gear, constant speed propeller, glider towing and flight instructor;

- The medical license for the ultralight pilot being indexed to the driver license at the revalidation time.

The under signer requests your best analysis of these aspects and hopes that the upcoming changes in the regulations may allow the continuation of the fantastic evolution achieved so far by ultralight aviation in Europe.

Best regards,

_________, __th _________, 2008