IAOPA Enews de Dezembro, distribuido pelas organizações Aopa de todo o mundo, abre com noticia sobre a Aopa Portugal :


AOPA Portugal Secures Discounted Handling Charges for AOPA Members

AOPA Portugal has negotiated with Portway Handling de Portugal SA an agreement whereby members of AOPA Portugal and all IAOPA members will benefit from special rates in the handling services provided by Portway at Portuguese airports (Lisboa-LPPT, Porto-LPPR, Faro-LPFR, Funchal-LPMA). 

These services include transportation by car between the aircraft and terminal, reserving slots and arranging fuel. The price will be, for 90 minutes’ assistance, 90 Euros in Lisbon, 46 Euros in Faro, Porto and Funchal. For flights with arrival one day and departure other day and 120 minute of assistance, the prices will be 103 Euros in Lisbon, 62 Euros in Porto, Faro and Funchal. 

Due to a change of policy of Portuguese authorities, since the middle of 2016 all international flights in Portugal, including Schengen flights, should have, as origin or destination, one of these 4 airports, where the usage of handling is mandatory. The only other alternative would be Cascais (LPCS) where handling is not required, but it is still necessary to apply and obtain a previous permission from the Portuguese Aviation Authorities (ANAC).